LATEP finds innovative solutions to reuse recycled polyethylene fishing nets

LATEP research team, within its line of research focused on the recycling of plastics and the transition towards a Circular Economy, has carried out a study focused on the search for possible uses for recycled polymer resins obtained from discarded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fishing nets, which critically affects the marine flora and fauna.

Although the presence of inorganic substances limited its reuse for the original application, the researcher team has demonstrated its viability for the manufacture of bottles used in cosmetics and detergent containers, improving the properties of the material through a selection of virgin resins and the subsequent blending process with the recycled material.

These results, published in the scientific journal Polymers, could help to improve the current management of discarded fishing nets, as well as helping to achieve the sustainable development goals set by the European Union for 2030. The repercussion of this work demonstrates the importance of research focused on recycling of plastic materials and the important effort made at LATEP to find solutions to this problem.