LATEP will carry out tests to validate new ultra-resistant pipes

LATEP has signed an important collaboration agreement with the company CEIS for the investigation and evaluation of the new PE100RC (Resistant to Crack) pipes.

LATEP finds innovative solutions to reuse recycled polyethylene fishing nets

LATEP research team, within its line of research focused on the recycling of plastics and the transition towards a Circular Economy, has carried out a study focused on the search for possible uses for recycled polymer resins obtained from discarded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fishing nets, which critically affects the marine flora and fauna.

LATEP presented its latest research on polymer recycling in Guangzhou

LATEP was invited to give a presentation at the 6th China International Plastic Pipe Conference, celebrated in Guangzhou (China) 18-19th November 2019. This work entitled: “Incorporation of recycled HDPE to PE100 resins for pipe applications”, was previously presented at the prestigious world congress on plastic pipes, Plastic Pipes XIX, held in Las Vegas (United States).

LATEP takes part in the world conference on Plastic Pipes (PPXIX)

LATEP has actively participated in the last world plastic pipe conference (PPXIX) held in Las Vegas (USA). This last edition has had 450 delegates from more than 40 countries, including Carlos Domínguez representing the Rey Juan Carlos University. This congress is one of the largest international meetings between the companies and the most relevant research groups in the petrochemical sector.

LATEP and China Plastics Piping Association (CPPA) sign a collaboration agreement

Last September 12-14 LATEP took part in the last Plastic Pipes XVIII conference in Berlin. In this conference the LATEP Manager, Dr. Carlos Domínguez, presented the work entitled: "Limits on the Slow Crack Growth resistance evaluation for the PE100 and PE100RC polyethylene resins"” being co-authors Dr. Rafael García and Dra. Nuria Robledo, lecture which aroused great interest among the attendees.